Patient Recruitment


There are several key challenges with modern clinical studies: too often feasibility and patient recruitment are not given the focus and resources they deserve resulting in delayed recruitment and increased costs. Any delay results in medicines taking longer to reach patients.



How will CHASE clinical target your appropriate patient population?


Site feasibility and searches.
Telephone invitations from
trained research nurses.

Improved patient study retention.

Extensive networks across primary
and secondary care and access to
research native sites.

Provision of sites to ensure
appropriate patient numbers
to deliver study needs.

GDPR compliant (no data leaves
the site).

Bespoke project management -
provision of project and KPI
delivery plans.


Why is this critical to the success
of your clinical trial?


Track record of recruiting ahead of plan.

Flexible and bespoke resourcing tailored to client needs and budget.

Faster patient recruitment with improved patient retention.


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