Our Solutions

Flexible and Bespoke Recruiting


Site feasibility and patient recruitment solutions that deliver.

Robust feasibility processes that generate results you can trust
Patient recruitment that delivers quality data on time
Highly flexible nurse resource deployed at single or multiple sites

Study Feasibility

Using CHASE clinical will ensure accurate feasibility leading to increased confidence that studies can recruit to plan and that any gaps can be identified early in the study lifecycle. CHASE clinical offer bespoke and robust feasibility solutions tailored to sponsor needs.


Project Management

CHASE clinical offer project management support throughout the duration of any project. This includes the diagnosis, design and implementation of delivery plans to meet sponsor needs, supported by regular communication to update on progress.


Sponsor driven patient recruitment and rescue recruitment

CHASE clinical deploy experienced research nurses at sites to enable timely patient recruitment with improved patient retention throughout life of the study.


Site Relationships and Networking

CHASE have an extensive network of sites and PIs which can be mobilised to recruit for new studies or to help existing studies deliver to time.


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