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CHASE clinical support Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies by deploying our clinical research nurses and study facilitators to offer flexible and timely patient recruitment solutions. This increases the chances of better-quality data and outputs from clinical studies being carried out in the UK Primary and Secondary care settings.


Track record of recruiting ahead of plan.

Flexible and bespoke resourcing tailored to client needs and budget.

Faster patient recruitment with improved patient retention.


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Case Study: Primary & Secondary Care Recruitment


Our Brief

The study sponsor needed:

  1. Selection and recruitment of Primary and Secondary care sites - experienced & research naïve
  2. Accurate feasibility
  3. On-time study delivery
  4. Patient recruitment support
  5. Effective cost management

Our Solution

Research naïve sites

  • Untapped patient pools
  • Increased Prinicipal Investigator focus
  • Maximised site reach

Bespoke patient communication:

  • Increase response rate due to telephone calls by trained staff

Enhanced patient experience:

  • Provision of domiciliary visits
  • Highly trained research nurses
  • Weekend and evening clinics


  • Flexible nurse cover
  • Study facilitators
  • On-site mentoring of research nurses

Our Results

21% more patients recruited in CHASE clinical sites vs non-CHASE clinical sites*

Average number of days to close a data query – CHASE clinical sites 6 days, non-CHASE clinical sites 10 days*

Average time to enter data into the Electronic Case Report Form after a patient visit – CHASE clinical sites 0.6 days (same day), non-CHASE clinical sites 3 days*

*data on file


The collaboration with CHASE clinical was instrumental in ensuring the study could be delivered on time and on budget. In addition, CHASE clinical facilitated, through site networks and agile research nurse placements, the delivery of the UK recruitment target 3 months ahead of plan. Could we do it without CHASE clinical? - NO! Would we do it again? - YES (Head of Clinical Operations UK & Ireland - International Pharmaceutical Company)


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